Marriage and Divorce

Marriage to me is the ultimate test that one can face while on this planet. There are many things that can go wrong, but can also go very well. Marriage is the ultimate bond that two people can share, but like life things start of on a smaller scale, dating would be the starting point to any marriage. At this phase you learn the most about the person you are seeing, what their interests are, their likes and dislikes, fears and dreams. From this point you step up to the engagement, now at this point you find yourself starting to think about keeping that one person for the remainder of your life. Finally comes the marriage, here you already know most of the person but also learn more that you may not have noticed or realized prior to the marriage, but from here on is where you tie yourself down to that other person for life.

Divorce is pretty much a marriage gone wrong. Divorce can happen for many reasons, affairs, lies, or you may just find that the person you were married to wasnt “the one.” In either case divorce is not the most glamourous proccess one can go through, it requires lawyers paper work, time off of work, not being able to have custody of children, and even loosing the house you once shared with your ex-spouse. If you arent one hundered percent certain about the person you are marrying, you should reconsider marriage as a whole.

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